Responses to creationist piece in Boston GlobeLast week

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canada goose uk shop I had a professor in college who said that he had done this experiment in grad school. They poured lemonade from a short wide glass into a tall thin one, then asked if there was more than before. The kids all said yes. Responses to creationist piece in Boston GlobeLast week Discovery Institute resident creationist Stephen Meyer managed to get a pro intelligent design letter piece published in the Boston Globe. It was the usual nonsense, with the added fillip that Meyer quoted Jefferson view against evolution, though Jefferson died decades before Darwin published The Origin.Yesterday there were two responses, one by Harvard linguist/psychologist/evolutionist Steve Pinker, the other by Owen Sholes, an associate professor of biology at Assumption College.And over at Recursivity, Jeffrey Shalit calls Meyer a liar.The distance between amateur and professional science was far shorter than it is now. Also, put the first decade of the 19th century in canada goose outlet store uk perspective canada goose uk shop.

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